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How To Build Your Brand Through Social Media

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

By: Clarissa Ruiz

In the business field, the best way to showcase your brand is through social media. With over 2 billion global users, social media is the driving force behind many successful brands. However, with social media being a heavily used marketing tool, several businesses are prone to clutter. As a result, it may cause a decline in brand improvement. With this, it is crucial for brands to have a strong online presence.

As a public relations major, I am currently taking courses in marketing and advertising. These classes have taught me tips and tricks that can benefit people who are thinking about building their brand online. Here are 4 tips to consider when building your brand through social media:

1. Identify who your target audience is.

This first step is crucial for many beginners. As a businessperson, it is important to note that there are several kinds of brands out there that have the same goals and ambitions as you. With this, when building your brand, think about what it is about your brand that meets your target audience’s needs and expectations. Additionally, how does your brand differ from other brands?

Once you have figured out who your brand is trying to target, focus on consumers that you know will become active and loyal.


2. Use the right social media platforms.

For newcomers, having social media is a good way to jumpstart a business. However, with various social media platforms, it is important to choose the right kind of networks for your new brand. Select a social network that will enhance and display your brand’s image and goals.

For instance, if your brand is a jewelry line that you have just created, then having a YouTube account would not be a useful network to start with. Instead, emphasize your brand on photo-based networks, such as Instagram. Instagram allows you to showcase your jewelry, network with other brands, interact with consumers, and gain brand loyalty. As your brand progresses, creatively branch out to other social platforms. And remember: Always inform your audience of other social media your brand has.


3. Consistency is key to expanding.

Posting consistently online keeps consumers engaged and up-to-date for any brand notifications. You never want to confuse your customers and become inconsistent with your posts. This can result in losing both customers and network connections with other brands, as well as a decline in sales. To help with this, create a brand guideline to establish consistency. This should be the core of your branding activity. With this, it shows professionalism and how serious you are in growing your business.


4. Prioritize customer satisfaction.

For successful brands, customer satisfaction is key to their growth. On the other hand, it is also one of the many factors that multiple brands fail to achieve. If you do not care about your customers’ satisfaction, they won’t care about your brand’s services or products. With customer satisfaction, it can result in brand loyalty and high revenue. A simple, but effective, task you should do is go through your brand’s social media and review any comments or personal messages from your customers. It is important for brands to be cooperative in meeting the needs and wants of their clients.

Always keep your customers satisfied and always expand your customer service.


Now, I’m not saying to plan out a strategy in one sitting. Building your brand takes time, effort, and patience. Social media is a great tool for brand visibility and development. As social media continues to evolve, so will your brand.

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