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'Tis the season

by: Amanda Crotzer

Winter break is upon us, and it feels good to take a breath. We are finally safe in our homes,

free from the terrible PCL lighting.

This well-welcomed break also presents an opportunity. Make a goal, expand your skillset, and aim to accomplish something new.

Get back in School

Get ahead of the game! Not going anywhere for the holidays? Take a Wintermester class. Most community colleges have online courses you can take, counting toward your degree for a fraction of the cost. While you may groan at the thought of more coursework, imagine the relief you will feel in an upcoming semester when you don’t have to take 15 hours.

As PR Students, we are required to take a language. If you are like me, you are on the struggle bus. Download Duolingo and change your life. The extra help on vocab will set you up for success for your future classes.


Be a Boss

Get certified. Have a ton of time on your hands? Get that Google Analytics certification. It looks killer on your resume, and you will better understand digital analytics, which will come in handy in your classes and internships.

Want to focus more on the social media aspect of digital marketing? Facebook Blueprints offers free courses over Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger focusing on building brand awareness, ad development and the basics of media planning.

Don’t have quite that much time? Watch Lynda videos. This is a free tool provided by the

university designed to help students. Have a passion for motion graphics and crave to learn

more about them? Lynda has 202 videos ready to be watched.

Read up on what is happening in the world. PR Week and The New York Times are just a couple of examples to help you stay informed. You can even keep in touch with local news by reading the Austin Statesman. You will want to stay in the know, especially in this forever updating world.

Drink a glass of eggnog, then write a blog about it. Expand your portfolio beyond school

assignments. Create your website and fill it with everything that is great about you.


Treat Yourself

Most importantly, take care of your mental health. University life is hard. Between school, jobs, internships, organizations, volunteering, friends and family it is hard to keep up. Sometimes it can feel like you are drowning.

Take a step back and recognize when you need to hit pause. Don’t take on more than you are capable, as it will only lead to disaster.

Find a cause to be passionate about and volunteer. Yes, this is work and you won’t have your

feet up, but few activities are as fulfilling as donating your time to those that need it. Spread

some positivity in the world (we could use it). And it doesn’t hurt to put on your resume either!

Move forward

Nothing can be changed about this semester. However, if you had to drop a class or didn’t quite do your best, you can move forward. Use the time you have to set yourself up for success.

Binge Friends on Netflix

Get a certification

Update your portfolio

Take a nap

Take advantage of the time you have left because we will be graduating before you know it.

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