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Mastering Canva: A Beginner’s Guide to Visual Content

In today's digital age, the ability to design a variety of infographics is a great skill to have before going into the workforce. Although seemingly daunting and complicated, there are a plethora of websites that make this process simple. Canva makes communicating information easy with its various templates, fonts, designs, colors and more. Here are a few helpful pointers to create a striking Canva post: 

  1. Find a template that parallels the theme of the graphic 

  • Whether its a blog post, presentation or social media post, it is important to establish what you are creating in order to find a suitable template 

  1. Customize with branding  

  • To make your design more cohesive it is beneficial to use specific colors, fonts and logos that separate your brand from others

  1. Keep it simple, but unique 

  • When designing your graphic it is easy to want to use many different fonts and designs, but it’s crucial to make sure the graphics and fonts don’t overpower the information you are sharing  

  1. Utilize high quality images 

  • Images and clip art most definitely capture the attention of your target audience, but it is essential to examine the quality of the image in order to make sure that the post appears professional 

  1. Font & color flow  

  • If your brand does not provide a color palette, choose one that will catch the reader's eye and draw the viewer into the post. It’s also important to use varying font sizes for headers, subheadings and body texts. 

With these new skills in your professional toolbox, you will become a Canva professional within no time. Next time you need to create any sort of visual content, turn to Canva and utilize these tips to captivate your audience with a unique and personable graphic.

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