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Let's Take A Look at Political Communications

by: Isabella Wheeler

On Wednesday, Nov. 5, PRSSA held a meeting featuring guests speakers Tamara Bell and Leo Munoz. The meeting was centered around political communication, which intrigued the members who were in attendance.

Professor Tamara Bells works in the journalism department at UT. In the meeting, Bell described her experiences climbing the political ladder. Bell began working as a newspaper journalist covering a local congressman in Pennsylvania, but after nine short months, decided this was not her desired path. Bell traveled back to Texas and volunteered for a campaign. Bell wasted no time in gaining the attention of the campaign manager who asked her to work as assistant press secretary for the campaign.

Throughout Bell’s time working in the political field, she hired Leo Munoz, as she refers to as her “best hire,” to work in the state representative’s office. Munoz is an executive director at Comcast, a telecommunications company. Munoz has been involved in politics from a young age as he helped his teacher’s husband campaign and win a seat in Congress.

Munoz has worked for local, state and federal government, but his favorite has been working for the state level. He described walking to his job at the state capitol from Jester East, where he lived temporarily when he was a UT student.

An important question asked during the Q&A sessions was how to find a meaningful government internship. Both Bell and Munoz responded to seek an internship in the capitol during a legislative session to gain solid experience. The guest speakers greatly emphasized the importance of interning.

Interning allows us, as Bell said, "to stick our toe in the pool without having to fully fall in." This PRSSA meeting was a great learning experience for all, including myself. These guest speakers opened a door for me to potentially explore if I find the field of government to suit me. I now have tips, advice and an expanded network to pursue this possibility.

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