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November 27 Meeting Re-cap

By: Hena Lee

During our last meeting of the fall semester, UT PRSSA was truly blessed to have two

incredible speakers, Kimberly and Mandy, from the company C3, the force behind two of the

country’s top music festivals, Austin City Limits Music Festival and Lollapalooza. Kimberly

graduated from UT Class of 2013 with a degree in Advertising and Marketing, while Mandy

graduated from Austin Community College. Both Mandy and Kimberly started off as interns at C3 after graduation and worked their way up to influential positions within the company. Some of their duties include artist management and casino talent buying and marketing production.

C3’s presentation was broken up into sections of who they are, what they do, and specific

roles they have to make the company run and function. The topics they touched on included

behind the scenes of music production and managing artists, artist sponsorship deals, production, management, and contracts and legal actions. They did a run down on concert departments,zoning into talent buying, ticketing, contracts, production, and marketing. They then went further into Marketing Plans and described the roles necessary to promote artists and spread awareness. Other topics that were discussed were radio promo outreach, paid radio and TV schedules, print, social media, digital, street, and guerilla. C3 keeps track of how effective their marketing strategies are in order to see what needs to be changed. It’s interesting to see how they keep up with social networking and how younger generations hear about new concerts and artists. They even engaged us by asking how we find out about concerts and what platforms we use.

Kimberly and Mandy not only explained their company’s work and business structure,

but they also inspired members to go into a career they love, which is the best form of success. Some things that I got out of this meeting were a better understanding of C3 as a company and how important it is to join a company or career that I feel passionate about. Both Kimberly and Mandy interned at C3 because they’re passionate about the music industry. Their presentation helped inspired students to keep fighting for a career they’re passionate about and how they can inspire and change that company to grow.

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