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Overview of Canva Workshop

By Rhee Breheny

On Tuesday, October 19, our Communications Executive, Samantha Seal, and Professional Development Executive, Mia Carriles directed a fun, Halloween-themed Canva workshop. We went over things such as how to use a brand color palette and specific fonts to maintain a social media page’s cohesiveness and how to add creativity to your post. This presentation was valuable to our members because many companies use Canva to create graphics for their various social media platforms. The sooner our members master Canva, the better!

Together, our team created a list of five tips to create an eye-catching Canva post:

  1. Use different sized fonts throughout to add dimension to the post.

  2. Add gifs or images to have a creative element other than text on the post.

  3. Make your post animated to make it pop in your feed.

  4. If your brand doesn’t have a color palette, use bright, bold colors that will catch the viewer's eye.

  5. If your brand does not require you to use a specific font, use one clean font. Using a cursive font after a bold-letter font can make the post look cluttered.

We then split up and encouraged our members to get creative and make their own Halloween posts. One of them will be chosen to be featured on the Texas PRSSA Instagram!

We hope these short tips will get your creative juices flowing and help you become a Canva pro!

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